The Goal


2 Friends, 4 wheels, 6 days, 600 kilometers, 18,000 dollars donations to the needed.

On the morning of Tuesday, August 14 2007, we will set out together with friends on our bicycles to Ride4Food from Israel’s northernmost city of Metula to its southernmost point in Eilat.

The goal of our 600km, 6-day ride through Israel is to raise a minimum of $18,000 with your generous help via the inspiring philanthropic work of Table to Table. We hope to achieve this goal by September 13, 2007 which is Rosh Hashanah, the beginning of the Jewish New Year.

Since the number 18 or chai חי is symbolic of giving life, your donation will do just that by providing food to non-profit agencies throughout Israel that serve those in need.

Thank you for supporting our ride and more importantly giving to those in great need!

Please click here to make your donation now!

Yoni Avital

is the co-founder of the Ride4Food with Table to Table. Born into an Israeli and American family, the 26-year-old spent his formative years growing up on a moshav located in the center of the country and then in Brooklyn, NY. Since then, he’s traveled the world and back and forth between his two homelands – most recently by bicycle and often with guitar and flute, celebrating the music of his heritage. This summer he’s worked together with Ride4Food’s primary sponsor IsraelExperts, as a coordinator for 35 different Taglit birthright israel trips from around the world. At his current home in Brooklyn, Yoni is a student of physical therapy, a teacher of music, a musician, and a chazzan. This ride combines his passions for cycling, tikun olam (repairing the world) and the Israeli landscape.

Jesse Cunha

Who graduated from Rutgers University together with Yoni in 2002 is on his first trip to Israel.  Born and raised in New Jersey, Jesse has resided in San Francisco for the past 5 years and is en-route to complete a doctorate in economics from Stanford University.  He is an avid cyclist in the US and his love of world culture has inspired him to take part in this unique project for the benefit of those less fortunate.  His hope for the future is that Ride4Food will not be an isolated event, but that it can mature into an ongoing project to help aleviate hunger in all parts of the world where there are people in need.

Shoham Ben Rubby

Shoham is 27 years old and was born in Jerusalem. He graduated from law school and received a degree in business management from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He met Yoni a few years back while they were both staff at Camp Ramah in the Poconos in Pennsylvania, US. Shoham enjoys traveling the world and meeting good people along the way.

Like his current cycling partners, Shoham loves music and has been a drummer in various bands for numerous years.

Recently Shoham moved to Tel Aviv where we will continue his love for travel, pursuing beautiful landscapes, and trying to repair the world in small steps just like this very unique journey.

Jonathan Goldstein
He is currently doing a Masters in Archeology at Bar-Ilan and studying to be a tour guide through the Ministry of Tourism. Born and raised in New Jersey, Jon went to college at Columbia and worked on the trading floor at Morgan Stanley. In a moment of
clarity, Jon left Wall Street in favor of overland travel through Africa then made Aliyah this past October and settled in Tel Aviv.

He joined up with Yoni to feed the hungry; no one told him there'd be a grueling week-long bike ride involved.

Leora Trub

whose history with Yoni dates back to Hebrew lessons and making music at Rutgers University, where she graduated in 2003. Now a psychologist-in-training at CUNY, this trip marks the continuation of her own family tradition of long bikerides with her father and brother. Her love of Israel dates back to summer of '97, and fortunately transcends a year of waitressing experience in Jerusalem. Now she continues her passion for the food industry in this far more relaxing -- and equally strenuous -- endeavor.


The six days trip

Day 1 – Metula to Kibbutz Ma’agan Metula derech k’vish 90 to Tzomet Kfar Nachum to Tzomet Yehudia to Ein Gev to Tzomet Ma’agan to Kibbutz Ma’agan

Day 2 – Kibbutz Ma’agan to Zichron Ya’akov Kibbutz Ma’agan to T’veria to Tzomet Golani to Tzomet Hamovil to Tzomet Ishai to Tzomet Alonim to Tzomet Hashomrim to Tzomet Hatishbi to Tzomet Yok’ne’am to Zichron Ya’akov

Day 3 – Zichron Ya’akov to Moshav Neve Mavte’ach Zichron Ya’akov derech Kvish 4 to Haderah to Tzomet Hasharon to Ra’anana to Tzomet Ra’anana derech Hod Hasharon to Machlef Yarkon (Derech Kvish 40) to Machlef Lod to Tzomet Gadera to Neve Mav’te’ach

Day 4 – Moshav Neve Mavte’ach to Havat Havarim (D’rom Sde Boker) Neve Mavte’ach to Tzomet Gadera to Tzomet Re’em to Tzomet Malachi to Tzomet Plugot (Kiriyat Gat) to Tzomet La’havim to Tzomet Goral to Tzomet Tel Sheva to Tzomet Hativat Hanegev to Tzomet Sara to Tzomet Hanegev to Tzomet Taltalim to Tzomet Halukim to Tzomet Tziporim to Havat Havarim (karov l’Ma’arot N’zirim Eruach Bedoui)

Day 5 – Havat Havarim to Kibbutz Ketura Havat Havarim to Mitzpeh Ramon to Tzomet Tzichor to Tzomet Shizafon to Kibbutz Ketura

Day 6 – Kibbutz Ketura to Eilat Kibbutz Ketura to Tzomet Ketura to Tzomet Shizafon via K’vish 12 to Tzomet Sa’yarim to Eilat.